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Eric Eastburn

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Horror Tattoos

Horror Tattoos

Dog Portrait Tattoo

Owls/Tree Tattoo

Neverland Tattoo

Pink Floyd Tattoo Sleeve

Steadman Bear and Paw Print Tattoo

Steadman Style Tattoo Sleeve

Mermaid Skeleton and Nature Tattoo

Scar cover-up Spider Tattoo

Pirate Ship Tattoo

Skull cover-up Tattoo

Flowers w/verse Tattoo

Black and Grey Hand Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoo

Full Moon Tattoo

Pet Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

St. Bernard Tattoo Portrait

Lock | Portrait | Music | Key

Misc. Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

Skull and Butterfly Tattoo Sleeve

9 MM Tattoo

Misc. Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

Four Seasons Backpiece Tattoo

Flowers Half Sleeve

Eagle w/American Flag Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves

Skull with Butterflies

Skulls and Roses Tattoo Sleeve

Gasmask/Skulls Backpiece

Misc. Tattoos

Misc. Tattoos

Horror Tattoo

Horror Superman

Half Sleeve

Hand Tattoos | Exorcist Portrait

Skull w/ Gasmask

Rib Tattoo

Lace Tattoo

Sugar Skull

Horror Tattoo

Evil RX

Misc. Tattoos

Leg Sleeve

Horror Tattoo

Evil Nurse Tattoo


Candy Man Eye Tattoo


Pink Floyd | Dali | Alex

Horror Tattoos

Horror Portraits

Jerry Garcia Portrait